Description: Hunky Hungarian Ricky Stone came in today for his driving examination, and told me straight off he’d been banned from driving in his home country! Apparently some little minx was sending him nudie pics on his birthday, then invited him to a threesome that got poor Ricky so excited, he drunkenly drove and crashed his car in a roundabout! And like many long-term drivers, Ricky had gotten some bad habits over the years that needed to be corrected. It was clear he was going to have to go to Ryan Ryder for lessons. However, I pride myself on being fair, and it is satisfying to me when I can make someone’s fantasy a reality. Since Ricky wasn’t getting his license today, I decided I would help him with his other dream! I called Ryan over to the school on a fake emergency, and then convinced the guys to pull their cocks out. I love a mouthful of dick almost as much as I love to have my pussy creampied. Double shot for me? Yes, please! Hopefully now that he’s had his menage-a-trios, dear Ricky will focus more on his driving instead of his dick! Read More