Description: Today, I was excited to welcome new student Chantelle Fox to LearnFDS, but she wasn’t exactly what I was expecting in an advanced driving student! I mean, she was hot as fuck, but there was something intimidating about the tattooed babe. Chantelle told me she wasn’t interested in keeping proper hand position and just wanted to know how to go faster, maintain speed, and, as she put it, “get off!” Quite frankly, I grew concerned that she was planning a heist! And when she said she’d been recommended to me by Ms. Harmony Reigns, I admit it: I was a little scared. Chantelle insisted on a similar deal as Harmony had made, and she sucked cock so well, I had trouble saying no. It was the sweatiest, nastiest, dirtiest sex I’ve ever had, but she promised not to send her brothers after me, and that she wouldn’t be back to bother me again–most likely. So, you know, at least there’s that… Read More