Description: Ryan sent his stunning student Zara Durose over today, wearing her bright orange LearnFDS shirt! I gave him a ring in the car because I was waiting on something from him, and when I mentioned Zara, he warned me to be careful. He said she’s safe to drive , but she’s not as prim and proper as she seems, and is into some funky shit, mate! The whole time, Zara sat quiet and grinning in the passenger seat, like they were having some kind of private joke on me. The hot redhead did okay on her test, but not well enough to pass. She said she was a bit off because of Ryan’s comment, then started telling me about the fetish stuff she’s into. BDSM stuff. And when she found out she was going to fail, she turned into a total mix, telling me she could get me off, and that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Before I knew it, she was sucking my knob. I even called Ryan from the middle of my blowjob to report the incident. Then that beautiful cream-skinned ginger and her perfectly round tits rode my cock in the front seat to gain her license. I mean, I guess I can’t really complain, now, can I? Read More