Description: Misha and I might have bonded over our shared love of pizza, but the cute art student almost blew out the engine on the LearnFDS car! Let this be a lesson to all prospective students: do not stomp on the accelerator, and do not wear heavy boots to your lessons! Misha needed to learn the basics, like where the clutch is, and how to safely put the vehicle in motion, but the pretty blonde had trouble finding the biting point, and almost set the mean orange machine on fire. She seemed like a really sweet lass, but she would need at least 20 lessons to be safe on the road. Like many of my learners, Misha thought that was overboard, and wondered if there was anything she could do to fast track to her license. She offered me free pizza whenever I want, and since it was a national holiday–pizza and blowjob day, I think it’s called–and Misha didn’t get angry at my lewd suggestion of sucking my cock, we had a lovely rest of the lesson, complete with some very hardcore fucking! I can safely say that if she’s half as good at delivering pizza as she is at delivering orgasms, she’ll make a mint off her new license. And now I get free pies whenever I want. Chicken and sweetcorn. Ham and pineapple. Mmm. Mushroom and onion… Read More