Description: I got a call from Ryan today while I was out with the boys. He told me he needed another favour. My old friend picked me up hastily, and explained he was headed off on a whim to Ibiza! He had his passport, his suitcase, and he didn’t really leave me a chance to say anything before running off. Last time I covered for him I ended up getting into a spot of trouble for sucking on the student’s tits, so I was a bit weary when Ava Austen’s fine arse got into the Mean Orange Machine. Ava told me she drove a taxi and was doing a refresher course, which was trouble for me, because she could tell I had no idea what I was doing. I begged Ava not to report Ryan, and when I told her I’d do anything she showed me her pussy and told me to rub it. Her moist snatch got me hard right away, so Ava decided she wanted a taste of my cock. Good thing I’m fit, she told me, as she bounced on my cock: it saved us from being reported! Read More