Suppose a friend who is a licensed driver but not an authorized instructor, offered to teach you – supposing you do not how to drive – how to drive. Would you categorize that friend as a fake driving instructor? The point is; the fake driving instructors in this article refer to people offering lessons as well as tests illegally. In short, they are unlicensed instructors who steal from unsuspecting clients. Some might think that such instructors do not the nitty-gritties of driving which is not necessarily true. They might be well informed about driving but they do not possess the right documentation to facilitate the same.

Some of the dangers of such scams include:

  • Operating with a fake driving license unknowingly.
  • Conned money for services not rendered.
  • Endangering lives by not getting the correct driving skills.
  • Time-wasting.

While taking all these factors into consideration, it is important to know that driving is a practical skill and as we all know; practice makes perfect. So apart from the normal driving lessons; one is allowed to practice driving in the company of a driver above the age of 21 who has a driving experience of more than three years. The driver should be licensed and is not allowed to charge anything. This law applies in the U.K. In the U.K the DSA have a search on their website for all licensed instructors. The search is a tool to protect driving students from being exploited and also to reduce the number of fake instructors.

Why take driving lessons with a licensed instructor?

Confidence – sometimes accidents can either be caused by either lack of confidence or overconfidence. Instructors help their students to learn patience on roads and how to manage their confidence levels.

Rules and procedures – driving is way more technical than moving a automobile from point A to point B. instructors are well equipped to empower their students with adequate road knowledge which is essential in driving.

Practice – having handled many students, professional driving instructors have guidelines that offer their students sufficient driving practice and tests before those students can drive on the roads by themselves.

Cost – while most people avoid driving schools to avoid making payments, it is common knowledge that indeed; cheap is expensive. A driving school complete with licensed drivers and cars will get you the real value for your money.

Some of the things or aspects that can help one not to fall victim to fake driving instructors in U.S and U.K include

  • All approved driving instructors (ADIs) in the U.K have a green badge on their windscreen. It is important to make sure that the badge is visible and valid.
  • The condition of the car in use for practice is also a good pointer. Most of the cars used by fraudsters are road unworthy.
  • If the instructor does not his/her name either on the car or business card then you have a reason to worry. If the card of the instructor has his\her name, it is even safer if his/her picture is on his/her badge. The picture presence depicts transparency.

The best way to avoid being a victim of fraud is being vigilant. There is no manual on all the dos and don’ts when it comes to such scams. Remember, as the anti-cheat measures get better, so do the fraudsters. Extensive research is one of the best weapons against scams.