There have been many fake driving instructors in the United Kingdom. It is not uncommon to hear about people who are pretending to be driving instructors and are giving a driving test. A scam like this is unjustifiable and fraudulent towards innocent people. The innocent people are paying the fake instructor approximately $70 for the testing and approximately $40 for the test. When people take the test, they are automatically not going to pass the test because it is part of how the scam works. The innocent people fail their driving test and the fake instructor gets to keep all the money. The people will need to keep coming bac until they are able to pass the test. The fake instructor will keep taking money from victims and pretending that their students are not good enough to get their driver’s license.

Fake Documentation

The fake instructor had come up with legit looking pamphlets to give the failing drivers to teach them what they had done wrong. An instructor who takes his time to offer details of what had been done wrong can be helpful for the next time the test is taken. This is not something that you would think an imposter would do. They are now doing this to seem more real and not have people suspicious when they take and fail their driver’s test.

Be Cautious

A fake driving instructor is more concerned about how much money can be scammed off of you. These scammers do not care if you ever pass your driving test because they are making money each time you fail and come back to retake the test. A person can continue to fail and think they are horrible drivers. Instead, they are a great driver but have a fake instructor giving fake driving tests. It is a money-making scam that is evolving across the United Kingdom. It is okay to want to find out more information about the instructor first. Ask questions to the instructor to make sure that his answers make sense. Make sure that his answers are seemingly legit. If an answer seems to not be true, then it is more than likely not true.

If you happen to take your driving test, be sure to evaluate the instructor. Check for a name badge, picture, and instructor number. Check the inside window of the vehicle that you are going to be driving. If the vehicle is the instructor’s, look to see if there is a pink or green square in the windshield. The pink one means that the driving instructor is still a trainee. The green one means that the driver is qualified and not under any type of probation or training period.

No matter where or when you take your driving test in the United Kingdom, be sure to pay close attention to the instructor. You want to be quite certain that he is a real instructor who is fully certified and not someone who is claiming to be. If you spot a fake driving instructor, it is a good idea to tell someone and get the fake off the street.