Being able to get a driver license can be an exciting experience. A professional driver’s instructor will often be the person who decides if you pass or failed. If you pass, then you are on to receiving your driver license and will be allowed to drive on the road. If you had failed, then you will need to wait a certain period of time before retaking the test. Unfortunately, there are deceitful people who pretend to be driver license instructors. These fake driver license instructors give innocent people fake driver license test. There are important factors that can help to detect a fake instructor.

How to Spot a Fake

A fake instructor can become a huge problem. The instructor may have a criminal record and be dangerous. He may be looking for a quick way to make money and scam others for a living. It is a good idea to know what to look for when trying to spot a fake instructor. Make sure he has the proper license and documentation to prove his identity and that he is a real instructor. The license can consist of several different features and proof. A triangle that is displayed can mean that the instructor is still in a new phase of the job. He is the driver instructor trainee with a pink triangle. The trainee could take up to six months to be fully qualified as an instructor. After a six-month period, the trainee license runs out and is no longer accredited or valid.

Driving instructors who are completely eligible and qualified will have a green octagon. The green square octagon can verify that the driving instructor is completely qualified to conduct testing. These different colored blocks will be seen from the outside of the car and will be visible through the windshield. The driver will also have a photo identification with their ADI number on the ID. The information will let you know that the instructor is real and not fake.

An instructor who does not have anything visible through the windshield and does not have the proper identification may be fake. If you’re onto sure, then ask questions to find out information about the potentially fake driver. The questions can reassure your suspicions and keep you safe.

Questions to Ask

Find out all the contact information that can be obtained to see if the person is real. Find out if a background check has been conducted on the driver because this is a mandatory process for driving instructors. Ask to find out what type of insurance the instructor has. Find out if the person has any qualifications that would make him a qualified instructor and not a trainee or fake instructor. Being able to ask questions is a good way to find out if someone is lying.

When an individual wants to take their driver’s license, it can be a good idea to look for qualifications to ensure they are not fake. If you are not able to spot any sign of a qualified instructor, ask identifying questions to find out legit information.