It is quite hard to detect a fake driving instructor especially when you are not keen. The reason is the fact that it is quite easy to act like one as all that is required of you is a good vehicle and driving license and an L-plate. A lot of people have been victims of fake instructors and therefore if you are thinking of taking lessons to learn how to drive it is advisable that you carry out research to get the best instructor.

A good driving instructor should be certified by the Office of the road and safety and should have a record of good conduct as well. Another thing you should look at for is the state of the driving license and insurance. Whereby, a good instructor should have these documents displayed well on the front screen of the car.

Let us discuss some tips can help you detect and avoid fake driving instructor.

  • Necessary documents

A qualified driving instructor should have all the required documentation in possession. From a certified driving license and all other documents that show that he or she did a test and passed the test. Therefore before you even register for your lessons, ask for these papers and verify to make sure that indeed the driver is qualified and is professional as well.

  • Must have passed a test

For one to become an instructor, they must have done a driving test and passed as well. Therefore before you hire a driving instructor, it is important that they present to you their criteria documents so you can verify that indeed they are qualified. Also, ensure that you keenly view the forms and ensure that they have a right stamp as it is quite easy to create fake documents. Therefore it is essential for you to make sure that the instructor is professionally qualified to teach as your safety is important too.

  • Recommended instructor

Another tip you can follow so as to avoid a fake instructor is by asking for the referral from friends or family members. If more than one person recommends an instructor, it shows that this person is genuine and qualified as well. Therefore he or she will be good to work with. Another advantage of asking for a referral is that you get to be taught by a person who has enough skills and knowledge as they have worked for a while in this job; hence you are assured of the best and safe results as well. A good instructor must have a good reputation and should be known by several people.

  • Do some research

With the website, you can be able to research and get to know a lot of information. You can research about various instructors that exist in your town or even outside of your city that offers driving lessons. How can you be able to find the best driving instructor? Well, you can be able to identify the best instructor by reading the customers comments about the different instructors, and from there you get to choose the one who has the most positive reviews from the customers. You can as well research on various companies that offer driving lessons.

  • The price

This is another tip that can help you choose the best instructor. Why? Although you would want to be charged a pocket-friendly price, most times fake trainers would charge cheap so they can be able to attract as many clients as possible. Therefore if you are not keen, you will for sure be attracted by the low pricing and end up not getting the right lessons in driving. Therefore if you find an institution offering very cheap charges think twice as the instructors might not be professionally qualified and so their aim is to attract customers.


It is advisable that you make sure that you get a good driving instructor who will guarantee you good lessons and your safety as well. It is advisable that you look out for the many imposters and you can only be able to achieve this by following the above tips as they will help you determine the real driving instructor and a fake one. Therefore ensure that you invest on a good driving instructor.