There are many driving schools in US and UK; however, getting a genuine, real and certified driving instructor is the real problem since there are a number of fake ones operating in big cities of these two countries. You are therefore required to be extremely cautious when looking for a driving instructor since we have a number of them who are likely to be scammers only interested in conning people of their money.

There has been numerous complains in the UK in relation to the emergency of many fake driving instructors. This has made the Driving Standard Agency (DSA) examiners to follow up and administer driving tests on some of the driving centres around London. The Agency found out that a good number of their instructors did not qualify.

We have had cases where some offenders have been caught and prosecuted. One of such person was Deekan Vig who hails from Southgate. The guy was found guilty from three charges of fraud as a result of misinterpretation. He made his learners believe that he was an Approved Driving Instructor, only to turn out to be a conman out to make millions of money from his unsuspecting learners. He was later caught and given a suspended sentence of doing community work.

You need to be very keen if you happen to be living in either of these two countries and you require the services of a driving instructor. Like in the UK, the person has to be over 21 years, has a clean license and should have held it for a period of not less than three years. Since this issue of fake driving instructors is becoming a menace in the UK, the DSA has been able to add an additional feature on their website which helps to distinguish between fake and real certified driving instructors, thus you will be able to know more of the person planning to teach you, whether he is fake or legitimate.

The driving tests in the US and UK are getting harder by each passing day and just as a reminder you need to get proper training of at least 40 lessons from a qualified professional certified by the relevant authorities. Therefore rather than paying scammers for lessons and yet you will end up failing the driving test, you should check for legitimate and certified instructors as this will reduce your chances of failing the driving tests. In these two countries if you fail, then you just have to repeat the test, thus if you find a legitimate instructor it would greatly help you on saving the costs that may arise as a result of constant failure.

According to Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School, every learner should at least counter check his/her driving instructor to ensure that he is qualified and certified by the relevant authorities.
All the qualified instructors should posses a green or pink badge that has a photo and an instructor number.

Just for your own sake and interest, you should call and talk to someone who has done a driving test before and passed, such a person can be able to link you to a legitimate instructor who will be able to guide you well during your lessons. You will also be able to fix the most appropriate dates and time that will best suit you and your instructor, and in doing so you will be able to get the best out of your lessons which will reduce your chances of failing the test.