It’s nerve wracking! Getting behind the wheel with a total stranger in the car, and one that has a little notebook and pen and will be watching your every move, and grading you. He will be the one to determine if you are a good enough driver to be on the road. Who is he? He is your driver instructor. No pressure, though. For beginners who have never taken driver’s ed before, you probably have a lot of questions and want to know what to expect. Are there any tips to help you get through, at least your first few sessions, with a driving instructor? Sure there are. Keep reading to learn what you can expect as a beginner driver with an instructor and tips to help ease worries. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll do.

  1. Choose an instructor that seems to be friendly and outgoing

You may not always have a choice of who your driver instructor will be, but there are times and types of situations where you are able to choose. You may be able to book with a male or female instructor, whichever you think you feel more comfortable with. Though most driver instructors are friendly, easy going and have a personality designed to put you at ease, you still will want to take note of their personalities to see how they interact with others. Typically they are easy to work with because they want you to do your best. Whether they are witty or more serious, you may not know until you begin your lessons.

  1. Be prepared for your first day so you can relax

Knowing what to expect on your first day will help you relax. You need to know that you are not going to be picked up at your meeting spot and suddenly be asked to hop behind the steering wheel and start driving down a four-lane road at 65 mph right off the bat. So breathe! Your first meeting typically starts with your instructor picking you up at the designated spot and driving you to a quiet location where you can have your first lesson. First, he’ll go over all the controls of the car until you feel confident in knowing how they work. You’ll learn about everything in the cockpit and then, if there is time in your two hour lesson, he may let you do a little driving in the quiet area, most often a residential area. So don’t worry or get yourself too nervous about the first lesson. Get to know the car and your instructor and get ready for more driving next time.

  1. Turn your phone off before each lesson

One thing you don’t want to do, is give your instructor that you are going to be a distracted driver. Before you even meet your instructor at each lesson, have your phone turned off. First, a phone ringing or text messages coming through are distracting for your instructor as well as you. He needs your full attention and you need to give it to him so you can retain what you learn. If he thinks you may be one to check messages while driving or use the phone in any way, this will not be good marks on your record. So phone off, and ears on.

  1. Go over the material you learned each lesson to prepare for the next

After every lesson it’s a good idea to go over what you learned. Sit in the car in the driveway and go over the functions of everything in the cockpit and prepare yourself for next lesson. Try to not get too flustered if you don’t get things right away, just make a note of what yo need your instructor to explain further next time. They are happy to help you really understand the process because they are helping to create safe drivers. If you ever begin to feel overwhelmed, here’s a trick to remember: think about the people who you know who are driving and they seem like the least likely to have their driver’s license. But they do. They passed their Driver’s Ed course and the driver’s license test. Remember, if they can drive, so can you.

Bottom line

Being a beginner driver may seem overwhelming at first, but after a few times out on the main roads and you’ll be feeling more confident. You can also relax knowing your instructor is right there with you and he knows exactly what to do in all kinds of situations. He has control of the car any time he needs to take it, to keep you both safe.