Are you planning on starting driving lessons? Well for those have passed through this knows how the first experiences are when learning how to drive. From learning the basics such as; starting off the car, holding the Sterling, turning on corners and all that. There is fear of crushing especially when you are driving on the highway, the fear of disappointing your teacher but still, there is that excitement you feel knowing that you are learning how to drive. Well if you are a beginner lets looks at some things that can help you get through your driving lessons.

The things to consider for your first driving lessons

  1. Get your provisional license

Preparation is essential when you want to take up driving lessons. By preparing I mean, you make sure that you have all the necessary documents that you need so as to start your lessons. One of the requirements that you should have is a provisional license. This is a document that is given to learners before they can receive the actual driving license ones you are done with your driving lessons. Without a provisional license, you cannot be allowed to your driving lessons as it is required by the traffic police to show that you are a learner and in the case of an accident you escape arrest.

  1. Know your time

It is advisable that you take the lessons when your mind is fresh so that you can get to understand and follow the instructions given by your instructor to the letter. When you are fresh, you can focus as well. You don’t want to go around knocking posts or people on the road. Whether it is morning or evening that works for you just ensure that you are not tired and you will be able to concentrate.

  1. Ask questions

We understand that you don’t know a lot about driving maybe all that you know how to hold sterling, or starting a car. Therefore it is advisable that you treat your instructor as your friend. Ask a question where you don’t understand or where you don’t know what to do. Don’t be shy as you are not the first person to ask these questions and you also want to get the best from your lessons and learn quickly as well.

  1. Choose the right shoes

Comfort is a key when it comes to learning how to drive. I mean you can’t be able to get to change the gear when you are wearing six-inch heels or a tight dress. Remember it is your first time to learn how to step on a clutch, so you need to wear shoes that will not give you difficulties and enable you to focus on what you are doing as well. I would advise you wear flat, comfortable shoes and you can also wear sweat pants just to make sure that you are comfortable.

  1. Ask for part time lessons

Not all days that you will be all psyched when learning how to drive as you may realize that some days you don’t feel like taking the lessons. In such times, I would advise you to enroll for part-time lessons so you can be able to catch up. Also if it is a test that you did not pass on the road, you can as well ask for a part time lesson with your instructor and get to understand the test too.


Nothing good comes easy, so if you are planning on enrolling for driving lessons, you should follow the above tips from the time you find a school and throughout your lessons. Your aim is to learn how to drive and master the tactics well and as quick as possible. Therefore employ them, and you are ready to go.