People have different ideas in mind when they think of completely original porn websites. People also might have different ideas when they think of the concept of a fake driving school. It might not occur to everyone that you should combine the two, but that is the beauty of the Internet. This is a place where there are entire blogs devoted to Daleks from Doctor Who dancing around like ballerinas. For all we know, some people find that hot, too.

We may not all share everyone else’s fetishes, but we should all respect them. For instance, some people really have a thing for sex in the car. This might not be everyone’s idea of a really hot location for sex. Some people might spend the whole time worrying about getting caught, which might not be a turn-on for them. Other people might just think that the back seat isn’t all that comfortable. However, for the people who think that sex in a car is the hottest thing since the kinky version of sliced bread, then the Fake Driving School just might be the porn website of their dreams.

The Content of the Fake Driving School

This is a website that is full of videos of real sex in simulated driving school settings. It isn’t footage from a real driving school, fortunately. These are not real driving instructors or real adult driving students. Of course, this still means that the proceedings might be a lot of fun for the people who actually are real driving instructors or driving students.

Some people might watch these videos because they find them really hot. The great thing about a lot of porn videos, especially porn videos that have sort of an amateur vibe, is that people will usually find them funny if they don’t find them hot. If you have every worked as a pizza delivery guy, a lot of porn videos are really funny to you. All you can think is that there is no way that they could get away with that. You know that pizza delivery guys are on a schedule.

Then again maybe you think that the performer is hot enough that you would risk getting fired for a chance to have sex with her. The Fake Driving School website might make you think that you would definitely be distracted if your driving school teacher was that hot and you can definitely understand the mindset of the adult students. One way or another, the trial membership is really cheap at only a dollar, and the monthly rates are less than twenty dollars. It’s not much of a risk to find out if this is something that you like.

Watching the Fake Driving School

You’ll probably be able to get a lot of entertainment value out of the Fake Driving School regardless of your proclivities. The creators put a lot of work into it in every way. This is a new website that should keep you busy one way or another.

Content of FDS is coming to Fake Instructor pages very soon.