Behind the Wheel (Almost)

Hello future traffic sitters! If you are reading this then the time has finally come for you to graduate from two-wheeled exercise providers to four-wheeled death machines. Just kidding. No more waiting for mommy and daddy to drive you to school too late, nope now you can drive to school late all on your own. No more sitting at home on your comfy bed with your favorite snack watching television, you are on the direct route to becoming the family’s designated milk retriever. Got siblings? Have fun taking them to school, soccer practice, and pretty much everywhere else your parents are tired of taking them. Seriously though, entering driving school is an exciting juncture in most young peoples’ lives and you should enjoy it as you will remember it for a long time.

At first you may be no better than a glorified Ms.Daisy, but after a couple years of decent driving you will have much more freedom along with your first car, making this time worthwhile.

Can we Drive Yet?

Let’s get this out of the way early, driving school is not about driving. Bummer right? Driving school is focused on teaching you literally everything, and I do mean literally, about the rules of driving and what to expect during your time on the road. Your instructor will teach you things such as: road sign meanings, how to decipher the lines painted on the road, how to use the buttons in the car, what to do when an ambulance is near, etc. You will be thrown a lot of information so be prepared and try your absolute best not to be overwhelmed. As if high school wasn’t making you busy enough, here’s another ton of information for ya!

Have fun! Once again just enjoy this time as much as you can because it can relieve the stress of the amount of info being dumped onto you.

It will benefit you greatly during this time if you start paying more attention to road signs and the behaviors of drivers while in the car with your parents. You will notice and recognize certain things you are being taught and it will improve your memorization and performance in class. Be sure to ask your parents questions as well, as they should be eager to assist you. Like I mentioned earlier, you will be taught loads of aspects regarding rules and regulations of driving. Don’t sweat it. There is going to be information that you do not retain and that’s okay. A lot of the information that you will be learning are only specific to certain obstacles such as weather or road type, and being a seasoned driver myself, I can say that you will only truly learn certain lessons if you are in them physically. Just know it is nearly impossible to learn all of this information in just this one course and once you begin to drive you will learn as you go along.

License Here we Come!

Driving school is great. It is the first step to getting that sacred license that you desired to have so much.

I heavily recommend that you enjoy this time to the fullest as it is very exciting. As exciting as it will be, it is also equally serious. Pay attention in class and ask as many questions as you need to. Driving is an important step in your path to becoming an adult and it should not be taken lightly.

Cars can be a dangerous weapon if not handled with care and maturity. Keep this advice in mind when you receive your permit and ultimately your license. Driving may be difficult at first but by paying attention in class and applying what you are taught, you will be an okay driver just like everyone else around you. Good luck!