The title of the Fake Driving School might be a little bit misleading. Porn sites are more and more explicit about their content right in the title of the site in most cases. There is just no doubting what the site is about and what it offers. Fortunately, the moment that you do enter this website, you’ll be able to figure out what you’re getting.

You might think that the whole thing is kind of a satire at first. The title Fake Driving School actually does make you think that it’s kind of like a fake news site. Fake news sites are everywhere these days, and it’s hard to get away from that association. Still, the Fake Driving School puts the porn part right front and center on the home page. If only fake news sites could be that honest.

Since a lot of fake news sites use sex to sell their content, they’re closer to porn websites than a lot of people might think. This is a website that caters to real fetishes. In that way, there is nothing fake about it. The moment that you see the performers, you will really understand that you’re dealing with something that is more real than you will usually see.

The Ironically Named Fake Driving School

One of the great things about the Fake Driving School website is that it actually does have a diverse appeal. Sure, all of the videos involve sex in a car, so if you don’t think that sex in a car is hot, you’re kind of out of luck. Still though, the models actually look different from one another in a way that they don’t always in all porn videos and sites.

Do you like girls with glasses? There are several models like that on the Fake Driving School website. Girls with glasses do get passes, especially when they look like these models. Do you prefer smaller breasts to bigger breasts? Some of the models are like that, and they’re definitely all natural. They have models with very large breasts and backsides, as well as models who are really slim all over, so you can be pretty sure that these girls have a nice, natural look. There are also models that are really curvy for the viewers who prefer thicker women. People aren’t going to find super-sized BBW’s here, but it’s not a website where all the women are somehow very busty and very skinny.

There are also girls with lots of different hair colors here. There are brunettes, redheads, blondes, and girls with raven hair. This isn’t a Fake Driving School for bottle blondes or girls who would be bottle blondes if they had better colorists. Not all of the girls are white, either. If you’re tired of porn websites where the girls have fake tans, fake blonde hair, fake breasts, fake rear ends, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake lips, and certainly fake orgasms, the Fake Driving School might actually be the answer for you. It’s kind of an ironically named website at the end of the day.

There aren’t as many male models as gal models here. Still, there are male instructors and at least one male student. Most of them are in scenes with the girls, so there isn’t a lot here for the folks who like guy-on-guy action. People who like girl-on-girl action will find plenty of videos like that, of course, courtesy of the dazzling female instructor. She’s in the MILF range, as is one of the male instructors, who is over 35. There is some variation in age, although everyone is over eighteen. Some people will be hot for the teacher, some will be hot for the student, and some will be hot for both. They’re also always looking for new members.

Offering Something New

With all of the porn material out there today, you want to make sure that you’re not wasting your time with a new website. You really only have so much time for pleasure in the day, unfortunately. This is a website that won’t waste your time. You can start your trial membership for only a dollar, and you’ll probably like what you see in this fake site that somehow seems more believable than most.