In this 21st century, there is an extreme importance for one to know how to drive a car. Basically, cars have shifted from being a want and becoming a need. Because of this, some people have come up with a way of conning those who are willing to learn how to drive, by calling themselves driving instructors. Actually, these are none other than fake instructors ready to lure you into their trap and get easy money.

Good news I have for you is that you can easily identify who is a fake instructor and who is not a fake instructor. For you to highlight a fake instructor, he/she has no personal ADI placed at the windscreen of their vehicles because they actually do not have them. Another way of knowing them is that they will be not be willing to show you a license.

What does a legitimate driving instructor license contain?

A driving instructor license is actually a plastic square, which is pink in color and on top of it there is a triangle. When you see an instructor with such, know at once that he/she is not yet fully qualified. Such license only lasts for a period of six months

On the other hand, when you come across a person with a green square plastic which has an octagon symbol in it, then know that he/she is a fully qualified driving instructor. Generally, these plastic squares, either green or pink, should be placed at one side of the vehicle’s windscreen.

Characteristic of a fake driving instructor

  • Their vehicles will not be having ADI number on the windscreen, since they do not have them.
  • They tend to be very friendly when luring you become their student and take classes of driving. This is to dis-concentrate you from further question asking
  • They are not willing to show their licenses to you.
  • Their rate of charging is very low as compared to other instructors.

According to the regulations of the UK and the USA, no driver should ask for any form of payment because he/she is teaching a person how to drive. Payment can be asked for if only the person is a qualified instructor and is registered with DVSA.

Tips of identifying if an instructor is fake or not

The fastest way knowing if an instructor is qualified or fake in the UK is by going online. Open a website by the name of ‘Find a driving instructor,’ which has a list of all the qualified instructors in the country. The list of instructors is for those who have been approved by DVSA and registered too.

When an instructor shows you his/her instructor’s license, first check if it possesses a photograph of her/him, a valid date, the full names of the instructor and some number which appears at the top. If the license meets all these, then consider the person to be a qualified instructor

Another very helpful way I can advise you when identifying a fake instructor is that he/she will be having some number pasted on the vehicle’s roof so that you can quickly see it and contact it to get driving lessons.

Also, I have seen other fake instructors who have gone ahead to install dual controls on their vehicles so that people can really think they are qualified instructors. Actually, don’t be fooled with dual controls because to install them in a car will only cost one approximately 40 pounds

In conclusion.

If you are in need of knowing how to drive, look for a qualified instructor to avoid being offered sub-standard deriving lessons. As a matter of fact, being behind a wheel is not something easy, thus a qualified instructor will teach you all the required techniques you should know when it comes to driving. Always look for the pink and green badge to differentiate from those who are qualified and those who are fake.