The driving instructor industry is mostly determined by recommendations or referrals. If the reputation of the company is good, there is no need of advertising. If you are in need of a driving instructor, getting some recommendations from family members or friends can help you settle for the best instructor. There is a saying that goes “if you want a job done properly ask a busy man.” This is true with good instructors because they tend to be busy. Since their services are of high quality, the demand for good instructors tends to be high.

When choosing the best person to take you through training classes, patience is key. Waiting for the best instructor will make you a better driver. Passing is the key. Moreover, if done on the first time its perfect. Most training instructors are busy and they cannot hurry lessons simply because there are many people waiting.

It is very important to know if your instructor is a trainee or he is fully qualified. Ask them! Many people do not how to differentiate the genuine ones from the fake ones. A trainee instructor has 6-12 months left to finalize. For one to be paid to train, they must have a DSA license.

The DSA is a government organization that conducts and regulates all tests in driving. Instructors are not fake if, they have a certificate with their name and picture. It should also have expiry dates. The certificate should be displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle. Trainee budges are pink. They are plastic and on one side, they have a triangle. Qualified instructors have green badges. It has a hexagon on the side. Check regularly especially if you do not know the instructor.

How to Choose a Good Driving Instructor and Avoid Fake One

Learning how to drive can be very important and exciting step in one’s life. Therefore, choosing the best instructor is important. The following are tips that will help you choose a good driving instructor:

  • Vehicle – The type of the car that will be used to train you should go a long way. This is to ensure that passing will be in an efficient time. This should include high, new and diesel control car. It also includes power steering.
  • Pass rate – One of the reasons why one uses an instructor is so that they can pass. Before enrolling, it is good to know the rate at which pupils of the driving instructor pass. If the pass rate is average then you are good to go.
  • Qualifications – When looking for a driving instructor, look for the one with highest qualifications.
  • Price – The market is very competitive out there. It is good to charge money that matches with the services provided. Some driving schools give a first free lesson and give discounts for any recommendations.
  • Flexibility – Some schools offer incentives for busy people. They can pick\drop you at designated areas.


Since getting the dual roof sign is not expensive, there are many fake instructors. Since 2007, qualified instructors have been going through a CRB check. Fake instructors will not have this. It is good to ask for certification before enrolling with any instructor. The information you need to know have been discussed above. If you adhere to them, you will be able to choose a good instructor and differentiate a fake with a real one. Hope the information will be of importance to you.