Pursuing driving lessons is inevitable if you’re to become a successful driver. Some people aren’t into the idea of being taught by professional driver instructors. If you’re one such person, there’s the option of learning private lessons through friends or family members. Another reason that can inform this is if the lessons are expensive.

While that might be the case, it’s still very important to take many lessons before going for a practical test. The friend or family member teaching you must have had a valid license of three years. He should also be 21 years and above. It could be illegal if the person taking you for the lessons is not certified even if they are giving you discounted lessons.

Today, many fake driving instructors exist. Since most of the driving learners do not know what to expect from an instructor, they fall prey. The DSA has improvised a system on their website that will help all the new learners to get a qualified instructor. The DSA cannot recommend a school or an instructor for you. The agency doesn’t have any such permission. All they do is just post all qualified driving instructors who are licensed by them. They also give you a chance to contact them if you happen to meet someone teaching and he/she is not on their list.

Practical driving tests are not the same as they were 5 years ago. The tests are constantly changing and getting harder and harder. It is important to take at least 40 hours lessons and drive professionally. This is the right way. It gives you a good chance to pass your test in your first attempt. If you fail to pass, it will mean that you will attend the driving test again. This could be very expensive.

How to Know If A Driving Instructor Is Fake

The following can help you know if a driving instructor is fake:

  • All permitted driving instructors normally have a green badge that’s displayed in the windscreen. The badge expires at the end of a few years. It is important to check if it is up to date and that it has been shown clearly without any fault.
  • Fake instructors don’t put their names on their business cards/cars.
  • They should have a badge that has their picture. Confirm if the picture matches with his/her face.
  • Most of the fake instructor’s cars are unsuitable. They have different modifications like, alloy wheels and tint on the windows.

An Instructor’s license can also have the following:

  • A plastic green square that has an octagon on it. This is an indicator that the instructor is qualified.
  • A pink square that is plastic and has a triangle on it. This indicates that the instructor is still a trainee who has not qualified to be a driving instructor yet. The license is valid for six months only.

Even if the instructors have their number advertised on the roof sign of the car, and it has several controls installed, it does not always mean he is qualified. The controls are not expensive to fit therefore; they can be afforded by anybody. It is good to be skeptical. Ask questions, identifications, and confirm with DSA. This will help you not pay expensive to fake driving instructor. If they are fake, report them to DSA and they are fined $ 1000. All driving instructors should undergo an improved criminal records bureau check. This is a rule that was passed since 12th mar 2007.