When I was about to join driving lessons I felt a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure if I would drive myself. On the other hand I wanted somebody who was an expert in driving to help me out. I wanted somebody who was qualified and had authority to take lessons in order to make me more confident. We would like a daughter, son or somebody we love to be taught how to drive by a licensed driving instructor, isn’t it? Here are some of the ways in which we could tell that we are taking fake or rather illegal driving lessons and taught by unqualified instructors.

Most of the times we love being taught by people we trust maybe family members, relatives or even friends. In as much as we would like to be taught by them it’s important to consider their age gap (21 years and above) to avoid breaking the law and also if they have a driving license. In cases where we are not being taught by a certified instructor we should not offer payment because the services provided ain’t legal. Additionally, I would advise we take additional lessons with a certified driving instructor in order to gain more practice.

Thanks be to technology,this is because the DSA have introduced a search engine in their website that can help us to find certified and qualified driving instructors hence making it easier for us to tell if someone is a fake instructor.If in any case the name of the instructor is not in the DSA website we should contact DSA for them to take action.By doing that we avoid being conned,such future instances,save our time and we also avoid failing the driving test because of poor driving skills by the instructor.Always remember to check wether the driving instructor is qualified before the driving lessons.

Fake driving instructors can as well fake everything and make us trust them as qualified hence we should try and know more about them especially if we are in doubt. DSA contains all the required information hence we should take a step to contact them and inquire about a particular instructor. I personally would not risk being taught by somebody I can’t trust or even be taught by a unqualified personnel. I would like to be confident and willing to learn if the instructor is qualified unlike when not qualified. Lets take caution because we can’t tell how a person is and what can happen to us at all times.